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Ability Awareness Games

The Awareness Games are a series of fun filled activities and games to teach children and adults about disability. It’s a fun way to show that people with disabilities are just like them. They have feelings, dreams and live happy and fulfilling lives. They don’t want pity; they want to be accepted and not treated any differently because of how they look or act.

Students divide into teams and learn how to use adaptive equipment. They are introduced to Paralympic sports and try different challenges based on real athletes.


Lessons Learned from Assembly...

  • Acceptance of the wide variety of people with physical or cognitive disabilities
  • Having a disability is not always a negative experience
  • Teamwork , cooperation and good sportsmanship

Student Banner Quotes...

  • I learned not to say something behind someone’s back I wouldn’t say to their face.
  • I learned that if you believe it, you can achieve it.
  • People with disabilities can do anything we can do.
  • I learned it is not as easy as it looks to use a wheelchair. ~ It is okay to be different and still be a skier.

About Sheryl...

Sheryl Haraghey is an Author and Illustator of children’s books. Her son Andrew’s quest to make the U.S. Paralympic Alpine Ski Team inspired her first book “Andrew Can Ski”. She is also an Ability Advocate and Professional Adaptive Ski Instructor. She has taken these passions and developed an exciting, fun filled assembly that teaches students about acceptance and inclusion.


Half day rate is $350.00
Full day rate is $600.00
Each session can run from ninety minutes to two hours and includes discussion about writing & Illustrating, overcoming adversity, hands on learning with adaptive equipment.

An awareness banner can be ordered for $50.00 and will be left with the school.

To book an event, call Sheryl Haraghey 860-508-7185 or
e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Awareness Games Flyers

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