Sheryl Haraghey Designs

My name is Sheryl Haraghey. Thank you for visiting my site. Please take some time to explore some of the things I have for you.Sheryl Haraghey  answering questions about disability.


Having a child with Cerebral Palsy has changed me in ways that I could have never imagined. I have learned through the years to embrace the disability and let it take us to places beyond our wildest dreams. My son's quest to make the U.S. Paralympic Alpine Race Team inspired me to write and illustrate my first children's book called Andrew Can Ski.

I learned to draw at an early age and being an artist has always been a  big part of my life. I am currently writing and illustrating three new books teaching about abillity awareness. In my spare time, I am still a Graphic Designer, Signmaker, Mom and Wife.

Another passion of mine is skiing. I am an adaptive certified Professional Ski Instructor. This means I teach physically, emotionally and develomentaly challenged athletes how to ski. All these life experiences have led me to become a Disability Advocate, Motivational Speaker and creator of the Awareness Games. I now go into schools and teach children how to use adaptive sports equipment and teach them about seeing the ability in others, not the disability. 




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